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Calling into his hometown heritage radio station, Foxie 105 WFXE-FM frequently to represent his high school during the morning show strategically set him up for the opportunity of a lifetime. A radio personality at the time introduced “Incognito” to Michael Soul, Program Director, where he established his start in his unforeseen career at the age of 16. Eventually he also started working at a music retail store which became hand in hand to his career path in the music industry. Finally he gained his niche, Incognito realized he was anointed to do radio. Taking a break from radio to relocate to Charlotte, North Carolina, he pursued his education in Business Administration. He became stagnant, dropped out of school and moved back to Georgia where he eventually got back on the air this time with the new urban station, WBFA 98.3 FM in 2006.

In 2011, Incognito began commuting for a couple years for a part-time position at WFXM-MACON. Incognito had to relocate to a city where he could travel anywhere and it can still relate to his hometown. In 2013, Incognito with his proper southern drawl and etiquette was finally heard 100 miles away from his hometown on Streetz 94.5 FM in Atlanta, Georgia. Comparing his southern production to Tom Joyner, Doug Banks, and Walt Love.

Fulfilling the next chapter of his career in the Buckeye state (2015) Incognito rapidly was heard over the airwaves in not one but all Urban One (Formally Radio One) Stations (WCKX-Columbus, WIZF-Cincinnati & WENZ-Cleveland) in Ohio. His night show Posted on the Corner (POTC) has been consistently crowned the #1 Night Show (Monday-Friday) in Cleveland and Cincinnati, his career continues to break records across the Midwest.

In 2016, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, one of the largest school districts in the state of Ohio, launched a communitywide campaign to change attitudes about attendance within the district. In the fall of 2017, Incognito began hosting school wide attendance celebrations to support the district’s initiative and promote the importance of attendance within the schools. Incognito’s support brought light to many schools and had a positive impact on not only the schools he attended but the district as a whole.

Incognito also has a regional endorsement with Remy Martin Cognac, Elk & Elk, and Nationally via Metro by T-Mobile. Incognito has continued to grow his brand all while successfully managing to keep the airwaves of Ohio “LIVE, LOCAL, and LIT.”

In February of 2020, Detroit, Michigan- Hot 107.5 (GPR) and Indianapolis, Indiana – Hot 96.3 (WHHH) picked up Incognito’s show Posted On The Corner, lifting each stations night show ratings within the first PPM rating period which was a major accomplishment for Incognito. The quick increase in ratings came as a surprise to Incognito. In return, the ratings motivated Incognito to create community initiatives similar to previous markets. In addition to those numbers, Incognito realized that the new markets were making him fall in love at first sight and these markets will soon learn that Incognito loves hard. With community at the forefront, anything that Incognito does is always with his community and listeners in mind. 

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