Fairy (NO I DIDN’T HAVE BAD PARENTS, JUST VERY CURIOUS LOL) NONETHELESS ENTERTAINMENT IS MY THANG….I STARTED MY VERY HUMBLE MUSICAL BEGINNINGS working as a DJ while in Middle/High school, I was pulling in huge crowds with Big Mike’s Juke-a-thon, eventually offered a job as House DJ, all this before 18. Whew, held it down @ the loft for like 5yrs, also working with DJ Chill at WES productions doing parties. After graduating high-school, I moved to sunny San Diego, California. While attending UCSD I interned at Jammin’ Z90 FM (bigups south east daygo) while attending San Diego-State…after 2 semesters I moved back to Madison, Y? You know Y cause of the Cheese Curds, duh. Shortly, after I began interning at Hot 105.9 WKPO. Eventually catching the eye of the PD at time, who asked me of my dreams…and you know me? I told him, S WORD I wanted to be heard; I wanted my thoughts to become listener’s thoughts… H WORD I wanted to rule the world, lol!!!!! After stalking him I began doing street hits, then became a co-host on the morning show, to then having my own show at overnight and finally WEEKDAYS doing PM DRIVE in Florence, SC on WYNN-FM and WDAI-FM in Myrtle Beach, SC -TWO different shows that I do during the same daypart through the use of modern technology. I also can be heard on Saturday afternoons from 3pm to 7pm on WMGU-FM in Fayetteville, NC.