Panthers move Jeremy Chinn back to college position

Carolina Panthers linebacker Jeremy Chinn has transitioned back to his college position for his second NFL season.Chinn, who wears No. 21 and lined up at safety for 237 snaps as a rookie, was a standout outside linebacker in 2020. Head coach Matt Rhule said Chinn is now working almost exclusively at safety, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be easy to locate in the defensive formation.”Right now, I am meeting with the safeties and the DBs,” Chinn, 23, said. “I’m comfortable playing safety. I’m comfortable playing any position, so wherever I’m needed, I will play.”Chinn said he “didn’t ask any questions” when approached about moving back to the safety level of the Panthers’ defense.Chinn racked up 116 tackles in 2020 to lead all rookies. He lined up in the box for 392 snaps last season and 230 snaps as a slot corner in addition to the time as a traditional safety.