Panthers lift restrictions, expect full-capacity crowds in 2021

The Carolina Panthers are set to welcome back fans at full capacity at Bank of America Stadium when the 2021 season kicks off.”We’ve been looking ahead to this day and looking ahead to the season for many weeks, preparing to be in this position,” Panthers president Tom Glick said. “The change to the state guidelines just confirmed for us, along with our ongoing consultation with local and state partners, with our local health partners, Atrium Health, that this is the right decision for us to be making as we go forward.”Glick said that all home games, beginning with Carolina’s preseason game vs. the Baltimore Ravens on Aug. 21, will be open for full-capacity crowds of up to 75,000 fans with no masks or vaccinations required.”This last year has been a challenging year and a disruptive year,” said Glick. “It’s also led us to create smart and innovative solutions to the challenges that we all face, and that’s been true here at Bank of America Stadium. We’ve reinvented the way we operate, and many of the new features that the fans who attended the 2020 season in limited capacity (experienced), will be back and will be part of our normal operating procedure.”